Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"We all need somebody to lean on..."
As you reflect on the today's blog title and the above lyrics (with a nod to The Beatles and The Temptations, respectively) think about a greater application in today's world: Health Care Reform.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2007 (their most recent data) 46 MILLION Americans went without health insurance. That's roughly 18% of the population.

Either way you look at this statistic-- whether you have sympathy for the 46 million, or see it as 18% of the population indirectly costing YOU more money-- something has got to give.

Obama talks a lot. He's a talky guy. He's talked a lot about health care, too. It's hard to differentiate between his talking and what is actually going to be passed through congress. That is where we (Calvin College Democracy Matters) come in.

Join us October 8, 2009 at 4 PM in the Chapel Undercroft (take the stairs down to the Chapel basement) for a panel featuring professors discussing the proposed reform. Bring your questions, your thirst for knowledge and your hunger for ice cream.

See you there, citizen!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Today is the last day of summer. Although its a little bittersweet, I know this new semester is going to be great. We're fired up to hit the ground running (two cliches in one sentence!), and hope you'll join us at our events in an effort to spread awareness and involvement in political issues.
Since many of you are reading this for the first time, let me give a brief explanation about us.
We are a non-partisan student organization on the campus of Calvin College. Our mission is to educate, inform and involve students in political issues. Being non-partisan DOESN'T mean we don't have opinions-- we certainly do. We feel however that in order to have an educated opinion, you should know the other side of the topic, and so we strive to present an accurate view of both sides.
So what "issues" are we talking about?
Pretty much anything and everything you can think of can be connected back to politics. We're all about finding issues that students care about, and then connecting these issues to tangible ways to make a difference and get your voice out there. For example, there are a lot of students who are concerned about the environment. Our government has a system of laws, rules and regulations in place so that the environment is protected. Often these aren't good enough. But the only way to fix things both long term and widespread is to go through the government. Getting your voice heard over those of powerful companies and corporations can be difficult, which is why one of the biggest goals of the national organization of Democracy Matters ( is to get money from special interest groups (i.e. a huge oil company like BP or Shell) out and the voice of the people back in (i.e. the Fair Elections Now act-- google it!). These special interest groups expect that the politicans they support financially will in turn support THEM when it comes time to making laws. Not a good trade-off for your average Jill.
So that, in a nutshell, is what DM is all about-- giving you the tools to get out there and make a difference. You really can have an impact on what goes on in Washington. This is not a group for idealists. Its a group for the everyday student to have a voice. Our government exists to serve US-- you and me! Shouldn't we have a say in how we're being served?

I hope you'll stop by our booth tomorrow at Cokes n Clubs to meet some of our leaders and grab a tasty treat. Our first general meeting is September 10 at 4 PM in the Commons Lecture Hall. Don't know where that is? Ask a random student. Its a great converstaion starter.
Two other dates to keep in mind:
Sept. 17: Constitution Day. 4 pm Commons Lecture Hall, come for cake and a fun game!
October 8: Health Care Reform Panel discussion-- this promises to be a very interesting and informative discussion. Bring any questions you have about this new system!

Well thats all for now folks! Have a happy Tuesday!
Change Elections. Change America.