Monday, November 30, 2009

A Final Hurrah!

In less then two weeks exams will start, and we all know what a crazy time of year that is! So before school winds up for the year of 2009, you should get in one last FUN event-- and Democracy Matters is prepared to offer you just that!
Democracy Matters is bringing Channing Tatum to a movie screen near you! More specifically-- the Chapel Undercroft next Monday (December 7) at 6 PM. Refreshments will be served at 5:45 PM... and by now, if you've been to any of our past events, you should know we don't scrimp on sweets! (Lofthouse cookies, anyone??) So come out and enjoy the show!
This movie is very timely. Tomorrow, Barrack Obama is expected to announce a huge increase in troops to Iraq. Given that there is not a parallel influx of new recruits, that means a lot of soldiers are going to be sent for their second, third, even fourth tour of duty to the Middle East. This can have greater implications than just being sent over after they've already served. NPR recently did a report about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-- I'd strongly encourage you to google it) and they found that it significantly increased in soldiers who hadn't had adequate time to integrate back into their home environment before they were shipped off again. On a more personal level, my brother is about to be sent to Afghanistan for his second tour of duty in the Middle East-- he's already served in Iraq. I'm sure there are a lot of you who are concerned for soldiers that you personally know. I think seeing Stop-Loss will help to put this in perspective as we discuss the war and its implications.

Hope to see you there!
December 7 @ 6 PM, Chapel Undercroft

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Health Care Reform

House passes Health Care Reform Bill

Just to update you all on Health Care Reform, on Nov, 8th 2009 the House of Reps passed the bill by a vote of 220 to 215. This is the first time that major health care legislation has passed in either house of Congress since Medicare was created in 1965.

Check out the links to find out more info about the passing of the Health Care Reform Bill