Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soap and Numbers Campaign - Round 2

The 2008 Election was an exciting and competitive election. However, money became a dominating factor of the election. Citizens saw some the most expensive campaigns in United States History. Not only did the Presidential election prove to be costly, but also the Congressional elections brought a hefty price tag.

Where did most of this money come from…? The answer: Not from average citizens but instead from private donors and big corporations. How is the voice of the American people supposed to be heard if it is drown out by the large wallets of a few individuals?

As a citizen of the United States, I urge you to take action; let your voice be heard. Apathy will not make a difference, but advocacy will. In the following weeks, you will see posters hanging around campus. These posters will have facts and statistics from the 2008 Congressional elections. Take a moment to read these posters and ponder the information presented. Then the first week in March take action. Join Democracy Matters in Johnny’s the Dining halls and Dorms to write your members of Congress and urge them to support Clean Elections. It is time to get the money out and the people back in. “Change Elections, Change America”

For more information on Clean Elections:

For more information on the Soap and Numbers Campaign:

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